Developing Authentic and Effective Leaders


Cowboy Church service leader speaks about mentoring youth - Eaton proposed that if the older men had six things they should be taught, then “these younger men that are out of control – kids these days – they should have a pretty long list, right?”

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Hello Mark, I had been coming to the Cowboy Church at CFD’s for a few years, when I saw you were coming to Greeley I was really excited. I talked my wife into coming with me and then she came to Cheyenne too. I love Susie’s music but Mark you have such a different message and a great way of being honest and heartfelt presenting that message. I would love to listen to you more often. Your talk this morning in Cheyenne hit the nail on the head.

- Cheyenne, Wyoming


The messages you and Susie both shared were needed by my wife and I.  You are clearly a good match, with a very loving and supportive marriage. My wife grew up in the Catholic church, though no longer a practicing Catholic.  She said your service was the first to leave her with no sense of guilt - and the first to actively discourage guilt.  So that was a welcome blessing to her, and something her heart seemed to need.  
I had considered becoming a minister in my early 20s, but always felt far-too-flawed to take on the job.  So again, your message struck quite a chord with me.  Plus, I like the way you two sing together. It has been a privilege to work with the McEntires for several years now, on some of my research.  They have contributed to some of the most rich, rewarding, and entertaining highlights of my 20-year career in academics.  I was actually in Cheyenne to wrap-up this rodeo research project, and I am very glad that we caught your service.  I believe it will add some depth to the material I am including on cowboy church.  

- University Professor in Ohio