Oklahoma - May 13-15, 2022

As you know by now, the Eaton Leadership Foundation is hosting a conference.  We call it " The Conversation". And it comes with a money back guarantee.  So that's pretty cool.

The Conversation Is Designed To | Who Should Come | What You Will Take Away
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The Conversation is designed to: (back to top)

1. Bring men together in common bond around the Stories that we find ourselves in.

•  There will be some solid teaching.  

•  There will be time to tell and hear stories.  This is the focus and apex of the event.  Maybe even your story.  

2. Bring men together around relaxed conversations and common activities .

•  Offer post-session conversations that will generate new friendships.  

•  Offer post-session casual activities that will encourage friendships and learn a new skill or just have fun.  


Who should come: (back to top)

•  Men over the age of 18.  

•  Faith leaders and who they might invite.  Pastors:  Bring a few of your key men. 

•  Men who can hold confidentiality.   

•  Men who can come for the entire event.  Coming late and leaving early generally won't work due to the nature of what we are doing. Let the boss know you're with me and boom...early out or day off on Friday.  


What you will take away: (back to top)

•  A new understanding or your own unique story and its role in everything you do.

•  The depth and dynamics of our stories and how powerful they can be when shared.

•  The organic bonding that happens when men share.  What a pastor might work for decades to develop that can be done with some simple leadership and courage in a few hours.  

•  A new framework for thinking about ministry in your fellowships.  This will definitely impact your men's group efforts.

•  An introduction to the idea of Real Time Conversations and what that might look like for your key relationships. 

•  The Four Pillars for Long-Term, On-Going Men's Groups.  


Registration: (back to top)

Individual Ticket
**NOTE** If you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry! Simply click/tap "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" near the bottom of the screen.


Call Mark at 360-661-7931 and leave your name, phone number and let him know you are coming.

Email Mark@EatonLeadership.org


Bring if you have: (back to top)

Stories - Your life story and its major themes.  Be ready to meet fellow journeyers and have your story celebrated.  

Motor Cycles - Will take a mostly tarmac ride on Saturday afternoon.

Honest open mind - Quality men will abound and you might be surprised at how their story might impact yours.

Your strength - Some will be going through some hard times.  They will need your humble support.

Smokeables - if you are inclined.  There will be plenty of time for good fellowship. If not inclined, don't bring 'em and don't partake. Must be legal in the state of Indiana.

Scriptures - We will be in The Book a few times.  

Drinkables – Adult beverages will be available at certain times. If you are inclined great. If not inclined then don't partake. It is your choice for sure. Too much inclination is strongly discouraged. Moderation is why we call them “adult” beverages.

Specific Skill - If you can teach archery, fly casting, motorcycle repair, knife sharpening instruction, dummy roping…let me know and we might offer it to the guys.  

  • Not about politics
  • Not about singing
  • Not about “how-to” programs
  • Not about “5 step” systems
  • Not about going through a book or study guide

It is about understanding the Story of God and how our Story fits His Story and the real stuff in between. It is about knowing yourself at a deeper stronger level. It is about friendships. It is about grace and support.